The Hymns of Praise to Our LORD

All of these hymns are from the "Psalter Hymnal".
This hymnal is sometimes called the "Blue Psalter Hymnal" because of its blue cover, or the "1959/1976 Edition Psalter Hymnal".

There are 493 hymns in the "Psalter Hymnal" and all but four are now (3/20/2000) in the public domain.
The four hymns still under copyright are: #150 "Let Children Hear the Mighty Deeds", #369 "Hail, Thou Once Despised Jesus!". #408 "Great Is Thy Faithfulness", and #454 "Nearer, Still Nearer". These four hymns will only be available in the CRC "Psalter Hymnal".

The following hymns are available to use as you like:

Hymns 1 to 150     Hymns 151 to 310     Hymns 311 to 493

Hymns A to L       Hymns M to Z

In the numerical listings "(D)" means that this is the, single page, download link for the Acrobat .PDF file. "(D1) (D2)" Means that this hymn has two pages with D1 being the first page and D2 being the second page.
The "Listen" link means that a MIDI player file is available for the selection and it can be downloaded or listened to.

Open the Acrobat PDF files with the free Adobe Acrobat Reader, after downloading.

Note: This set of hymns is not as yet complete. As the Lord allows, we will complete the list.

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